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1. Licensed Accident Benefit Road Adjuster - Full-time & Part-time positions available.

Vehicle allowance provided.  Immediate start. Excellent pay potential for ambitious individuals. Please inquire for further details.

Services Available

Do you have a small claims department with Key Person claims positions? Does your staff take long /short-term, maternity or sabbatical leaves?  Does your company have sudden increases in claim volume or a sudden vacancy in your department? Let us help with cost efficient, expert adjusters to quickly fill that sudden void left in your team.

Most companies do not want to incur the high extra employee costs of temporary staff shortages. With the hiring of surplus staff that remain when the employee(s) do return, these costs can be significant.  Avoid that extra cost and expense with our EXPERT adjusters. When your employee returns, it is as simple as having them return to a well managed workload. No extra employee costs are associated with this service making it a very cost-effective way to protect the bottom line.  Enjoy the overall cost efficiencies while utilizing the expertise that we bring to the team.


Short and Long term contracts are available for these unplanned vacancies. Get all your Adjusting Staffing services here.

If requested, we would be happy to assist you with full-time placement services with a flat rate fee method.


Staffing Services

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